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NicProxy Registrar Authorized Reseller Logo

Resellers of the NicProxy Domain Registrar can use "NicProxy Authorized Reseller" logo on their web sites. You can download logo from the following link:
NicProxy Reseller Logo NicProxy Authorized Reseller Logo

NicProxy API Modules

NicProxy API WHMCS Module

Domain Registrar NicProxy is on WHMCS!

NicProxy Resellers, who have WHMCS solution, can register and manage their domain names more easier, more faster through NicProxy API WHMCS Module from their existing web sites.

Easily add "NicProxy WHMCS Module" to your existing WHMCS web site:

  • Step 1. Download NicProxy API WHMCS Module to your computer or server.
  • Step 2. Upload NicProxy API WHMCS Module into your WHMCS web site, and configure online easily.

NicProxy WHMCS Module ZIP NicProxy API WHMCS Module
PDF Döküman NicProxy API WHMCS Module Setup Document PDF (TR)

NicProxy API AWBS Module

NicProxy Domain Registrar is on AWBS

NicProxy Resellers, who have AWBS web site, can register and manage their domain names more easier, more faster through NicProxy API AWBS Module from their existing web sites.

Easily add NicProxy API AWBS Module to your existing AWBS web site:

  • Step 1. Download NicProxy API AWBS Module to your computer or server.
  • Step 2. Edit required files which are specified in the setup document.
  • Step 3. Upload edited NicProxy API AWBS Module into your existing website.

NicProxy AWBS Module ZIP Download NicProxy API AWBS Module

PDF Howto Setup API AWBS NicProxy API AWBS Module Setup Document PDF (TR)

Reseller Tools

Web Interface, Management Panel

Resellers sell and manage domain names online through a system called Web Interface, the Management System. It is free for our Resellers!

  • Domain name management; new domain name registration, renew, delete and list domains
  • Transfer management; transfer domains, incoming and outgoing transfers
  • Contact management; contact handles, view and update
  • Name Server management
  • View billing status and pay online
  • View and edit account information, view domain and revenue statistics

NicProxy XML API

Powerful and Scalable API supports to grow your business

The NicProxy API (Application Program Interface) is the backend protocol we make available to Resellers free of charge so that you can provide real-time registration of NicProxys' domain names and value-added services directly to your customers through your Web site. This white label solution allows you to fully customize our domain name service offerings under your brand. XML API provides also value-added services with integration with any 3rd party solutions.

  • Platform independent
  • Unmatched reliability & security
  • Backend technology creates a completely automated solution
  • White label solution to maintain and protect your brand
  • Full control to customize your web site, products, and services
  • Access to test environment while you are working on integration or before you go live!
  • Technical support and documentation
How does API work?

Centralized Registration System recevies each request and views your command and forward it to the directly connected related registry.

Integration Steps

1. While you are in the process of implementing the API, you can also use the Web Interface registration and management tool to start selling immediately.
2. You can access to test environment, which is an isolated, shared, OT&E servers environment, to use for both initial reseller system development and ongoing reseller development and testing.
3. Prior to operation in the live SRS, resellers should complete a basic functional evaluation in the test environment to demonstrate full and correct operation of their client systems. NicProxy does not require any test, certification or evaluation.

Domain Name Registration Process

1. You receive a request for a specific domain name from your customer
2. As a result, system returns positive or negative response code.
3. You will fill in a form manually (web interface) or automatically (HTTP or XML)
3. If that domain name is available, first of all you create or assign domain name contacts (Registrant, Administrative, Technical and Billing Contact)
4. When you send your request to our system, it is immediately executed and you receive a response in seconds.

Bulk Domain Name Registration

You can submit multiple types of domain names in one request; you can update, register or renew multiple domain names.

Contact Handles (Contact Management)

Large amount of domain names can be easily managed at NicProxy. Contact management system includes contact handles, and by changing a contact handle, you can change multiple domains at once. Because of the contact handle system, you will have to submit your customers details just once. A contact handle will be created automatically. After this first time, you can use your customers contact handle for each new registration. No need to resubmit all of your customers details. Contact handles can be used for:

  • The domain name owner (registrant)
  • The administrative contact (admin)
  • The technical contact (tech)
  • The financial contact(billing)

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