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NicProxy offer a turnkey reseller automation platforms for a large number of gTLDs and ccTLDs making it easy for you to manage all your domain names through a single provider. NicProxy Web Interface and API tools are scalable to your needs. Whether a small or large Partner with 50 or 1,000 plus domain names and services, NicProxy can support your growth.

Web Interface

Start selling domain names immediately through this Web-based registration and management tool. Web Interface has all of the same registration and management functionality of our API tools and it is the best option for resellers with limited tech resources. Learn More about Web Interface »

NicProxy XML API

The NicProxy API (Application Program Interface) is designed for Resellers who typically register large volumes of domains per year, and have adequate technical resources to manage an easy integration process. This is our most robust solution available if you are serious about providing the Web identity products to your customers.

NicProxy XML API is the backend protocol we make available to Resellers free of charge so that you can provide real-time registration of NicProxy's domain names and value-added services directly to your customers through your Web site. A comprehensive, standards based, platform independent set of programming interfaces is available with downloadable manuel, integration kits in PHP, and ASP. Learn More about XML API »

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